A Lamentation under the similitude of a lady appealing to her aforetime friends and lovers for sympathy and support, and also to attract the attention of many new suitors:-

Och! sure it’s mae heart that’ fair bre’kin’,
Beca’s monie lovers hae fled,
An’ me as weel-luckin’ an’ civil
As ony yin iver wuz bred.

Five an’ twenty years hae a ser’d ye,
Embracin’ ye o’ ony creed,
In hope tae get al’ tae love me,
Which A fear has cum little speed.

Efter providin’ a shilter,
Keepin’ ye al’ cosy an’ het,
Gien ye al’ soarts o’ treatment,
Fur shame that some noo furfet.

The youth wha wur nae too rigid,
Had ivery kin’ o’ a game,
An’ yit A’m neglected an’ lonely,
A state this young men tae yer shame.

An’ those wha had ony talents,
A help’d ye tae bring thim tae licht,
Niver commendin’ the “naskin”
Nur hidin’ guid gifts oot o’ sicht.

If ye did nae al’ get some blissin’,
The falt diz nae lie waein’ me;
Mae imbeeshin aye bin tae help ye
Sin A wuz the heicht o’ yer knee.

Some o’ mae best men hae migrated,
An’ some o’ me best hae cross’d o’er,
Whas names A’d like here tae mention
Tae spur-up al’ those tae the fore.

The late Mr. Young wuz mae premier,
Wha in mae fand heart had first place;
An’ Mr. Frazer, o’ Hillmount,
Wha aft fill’d the chair wae much grace.

Messrs. Kirkpatraick an’ Moody,
Wur clergymen wasoot a doot,
An’ Dr. Bucik, the cultured,
Whas memory ‘ll niver dee oot.

A’m thankfu’ that A hae got some men,
Wha still love thir ain dear wee hal’,
An wud nae desert me fur money
Nur suffer me doon noo tae fal’.

But still A crave mair attention,
A’m takin’ exception tae nane,
Please cum alang an’ we’ll prosper
An’ lieve in the gret city “Maine.”

Adam Lynn, Cullybackey 4th October 1915

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