(St Matthew 11v2)

Dear readers, Xmas now has gone,
So with its memories dear,
We all have reached by this time
Another Bright New Year.
The outcome of which much depends
For you as well as me
On how we treat this question great-
“The King, O where is He?”

To Mr Reid of big Belfast,
We are indebted all
For blessed truth brought home to us
In Y.M.C.A. Hall,
Of which I’ll try and pass along,
And pray that they may bring
Each of you now to ask yourself-
“O where is Christ the King?”

The inn type of the world to-day
For him there is “no room”,
Sad thought, and He the only One
Could save it from its doom
Or, like the hearts of many now,
Perhaps, who bow the knee
But let us put this question straight-
“The King, O where is He?”

The services in which we join,
In sermons we oft hear,
Donations that we sometimes give
To causes we hold dear;
In business or in common toil,
Or recreation’s glee,
The most important question is-
“The King, O where is He?”

The wise who came to seek the King
Led by that star Divine,
Do they all find and worship Him,
Because that we so shine?
May God now write this query plain,
That each of us may see,
And never lose sight of those words-
“The King, O where is He?”

Eddie Cullybackey 27th December 1919

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