Rebekah comes intaeoor view,
A damsel young an’ fair,
As she appears at Nahor’swa’l
Tae dra’ fresh water there.

Little thocht she that evenin’
Bein’ civil tae this man,
Juistprov’d she wuz the very yin
That God had in His plan.

Sure naethin’ guidwuzivergain’d
By stuck-up empty pride;
Aye, bear in mind Rebekah’s style
If ye wud be a bride.

Whunask’d what she had got tae say,
She strechtwyse let him know
The very words recorded ir,
“And she said I will go.”

Isaac juist lov’d hir at first sicht,
His guid wife she became,
An’ brocht joy tae his lonely heart,
A blissin’ in their hame.

Whun she wuz twunty years a wife,
Twa fine wee laddies came;
The yin she tuk the fancy fur,
Fair Jacob was his name.

So whun Isaac wuz gettin’ auld,
She went gie far aside
Tae get the blissin’ tae the boy
That wuz hir joy an’ pride.

Deceptshin niver works oot weel,
Fur either big ur week,
This womin suffer’d al’ her life,
As Jacob had tae flee.

Dear sisters learn the lessons taught,
Seein’ they ir sae plain,
An’ may ye al’ in God’s guid time
Arrive safe up abain.

A.L.F. 22nd January 1916

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