In auld an’ ancient Jericho,
Afore it’s crushin’ fa’,
There wuz a hoose weel known juist then
As Rahab’s on the wa’.

This Rahab wuz a civil sort,
Aft luck’d on wae disdain
Bekas she plied hir evil trade,
The truth o’ which wuz plain.

Ye know the three abidin’ gifts,
So let the greatest yin
Be as a mantle ower this lass
Tae hide hir despirt sin.

Yin day twa men call’d in hir hoose,
Men sent tae spy the toon,
Whar by Rahab wuz lifted up,
An’ no them dragged doon.

It reach’d the King aboot these men,
He order’d their arrest,
Which pit the wummin in a fix
But, ah! she stood the test.

She fool’d the King’s officials well,
Bae tellin’ t hem a lee,
Which micht hae ment that Rahab sure
Wud then hae got tae dee.

Sune as she knew the coast wuz clear,
The spies whom she had hid
Assisted bae a scarlet line
Richtdoon the wa’ wur slid.

But no afore she gar’d them sweer
In language very plain,
That she an’ hir freens wud be saved
Whun they came ba’k again.

This great, unselfish, noble act
Adds lustre tae hir name,
Which sisters al’ should imitate,
An’ save themsels frae shame.

O’ the fower weemin mention’d in
The great true royal line,
This wummin Rahab stan’s weel forth,
An’ there shall iver shine.

Perhaps ye’ll follow up this lass
Wae rael Christian grace,
Lest we impose upon the Press,
Which noo is press’d fur space.

A.L.F. 4th March 1916

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