Dear freens, afore oor mental view
Comes up yin, Jezebel,
An’ as fur wickedness profound
She stan’s oot bae hirsel’

Although a heathin princess, she
Became King Ahab’s wife;
A man wha in the sicht o’ God
Did evil al’ his life.

But she, unlike yins we hae seen,
Juist made hir husband worse;
An’ whar she micht a blissin’ been
She only wuz a curse.

She made him turn frae the true God
Tae worship wud an’ stane;
An’ those wha did nae follow suit
Wur number’d wae the slain.

Juist think o’ Naboth’s vinyard, dear,
An’ this wummin’s foul deed,
That robb’d him o’ his heritage
Tae stench King Ahab’s greed.

Ur hoo that the great man o’ God,
A prophit fu’ o’ grace,
Wha did some great things in his day,
Yit fled afore hir face.

But follow hir richt till the en’,
A time that comes fur sure
Tae each an’ al’, baith guid an’ bad,
An’ rich as weel as poor.

Wae paintit face a’ tired hair
She wuz flung on the street;
An’ whut the dogs did nae devore
Wur tramped alow folks feet.

An’ thus she draps doon oot o’ sicht,
Tae hir sex a disgrace;
So al’ that we wud care tae say;
She went till hir ain place.

Sure yin guid wummin is as guid
As only five guid men;
An’ ony odd yin that is bad
Hir badness knows naeen’.

Dear sisters, let me urge ye al’
Tae shun Jezebel’s style;
So that yer life an’ daith may hae
Our loving Saviour’s smile.

A.L.F. 3rd June 1916

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