We noticed in oor last review
The wickit Jezebel,
But Easter wuz quite the reverse,
As al’ hir actions tel’.

Vashti, guid Queen, wudnae obey
Hirdrunkin King’s command,
Fur which he sack’dhir on the spot,
An’ sought anither’s hand.

But whawud be that favour’d yin,
An’ thus become fair queen,
The Persian ladies went clean daft,
In competition keen.

But, strange although the thing may seem,
Except sa frae aboon,
That Easter, the young captive maid,
Shud Kerry aff the croon.

A crisis very sune arose,
But Easter she wuz there,
Bae whom the wickit Haman’s plot
Wuzturn’drichtroontae prayer.

Ye know he wuz a despirt man
Tae sit in a heich place,
An’had his plans no met defeat,
Alas poor Jewish race.

The heichgallis he had put ut,
As caution, let me tel’,
Like al’ whadae this sort o’ thing,
He swung on it himsel’.

God niveryit has left Himsel’
Waeoot a witness true,
A man, a wummin, boy or girl,
A Gentile or a Jew.

So sisters, gieyersel’stae Him,
Love, honour, an’ obey,
An’ He shall pit on ye the croon
That niver fades away.

A.L.F. 1st July 1916

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