The subject o’ this notice, freens,
In truth stan’soothir lain:
Fur in the blissid Word o’ God
A compeer she haes nane.

Auld Israel as aft afore,
Had slithered tae the side,
An’ at that time had nae a man
In whom God did confide.

Thus Deborah as prophetess,
Comes first intae oor sicht;
As she under the palm trees shade,
Judges the folk aricht.

But whar this wumminstan’s unequal,
An’ prov’d hirsel’ rael brave,
Is whun she led hire army forth,
Tae conquer an’ tae save.

She telt Barak tae go ahead,
An’ let hirstie at hame;
Ur ither wyse as sure as oucht,
Tae hir wud come the fame.

An’ come it did as she had said,
Juist lissen tae hir sang;
An’ learn the lesson, sisters dear
O’ hoo she went far wrang.

‘Twas I an’ me did this an’ that,
As sometimes is the case;
But God He is a jealous God,
An’ won’t hae second place.

This yin discordant note, alas!
Despoil’d hir sang sae great
So sisters, aye be on yer guerd
Against empty consate.

Pray gie yersel’s tae God complete,
He’ll save you frae al’ sin;
An’ whun He uses ye beware,
Ye keep doon number yin.

A.L.F. 18th March 1916

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