Established in 1832      2nd Class    Room 22 X 14

Taken into connexion 24/09/1842

1841               30 boys  and 28 girls

Presbyterian  A Hamilton

24/09/1840  granted salary to James Livingtown  (Livingstone)   requested books for
75 pupils.

19/11/1840  School closed undergoing repair.

08/08/1842    Someone maliciously lit a fire and totally consumed the building There had been a meeting a few days previously in the school at which the minutes of the system had been discussed and the probability of discontinuing the connection with the Board. At this meeting it had been agreed to continue the school under the Board. A reward has been offered for the apprehension of the parties concerned in the outrage.  Mr Hamilton also begs that the Board evoke a loan of money sufficient to rebuild the house.   ??/can be lived off the townland.

Also satisfies the above and recommends that the government should be called on the effort to local and trustees (who are most conjurous) in the discovery of the parties concerned

12 08/1842    Mr Hamiltion informed that the Board have no power to grant money as way of loan.  Requested to state of any temporary arrangement that has been made for continuing the school as teachers salary must be discontinued until the school is reopened.   Mr Hamilton states that a house has been provided in which the school is now conducted since its commencement and a notice has been  ???appeal threatening the owner if he perseveres in permitting the school to be held in his house it will meet with a similar fate that of the old house W H  sent a copy of the notice on the 18th – informed that this school is being used as a temporary arrangement until the old one is rebuilt or a new one obtained.  A reward £20 has been offered by government on the 10th August.

14/12/1843     Board on report of 32/11/1843  “Strike Off Role” Cancel salary from 31/12/1843 as the present house being reported as quite unsuitable and no likelihood of a suitable house being

Applicant  EC  J G Winder??
20/12/1854       Granted to build and furnish 1 room   25 X 18 for 75 children lease for
61 years to corporation

26/06/1985     Manager expects to have school opened 1st July , request free stock

24/07/1885     Manager has school opened,  request free stock

17.08.1885    Strike off Roll (No 7163)  and cancel grants.
Grantor Mr Gray (or McGray) decline to execute lease.

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