In the sultry days of summer,
In the evenings, calm and cool,
When the merry hearted youngsters
Wallow in the shady pool.

When the skies are bright with sunshine,
And the tuneful earth below
In the varied hues of nature,
Makes the heart with pleasure glow.

When the fields are at their fairest,
And the flowers in their bloom,
Please us with their varied colours;
Charm us with their sweet perfume.

When the grateful ears are ravished
By the little warbler’s lay
Carolled, thankful in the evening;
Hopeful, at the break of day.

When young nature leaps with triumph
Into fuller, higher life,
Where the country scenes are peaceful;
Free from peril, free from strife.

Oh, ‘tis pleasant, night and morning
Spaces set ‘twixt work and sleep,
Herbs to plant and flowers to water,
Where the modest daisies peep.

For I have a little garden,
Filled with flowers, fresh and fair,
Where the lilies bloom in gladness
And the roses scent the air.

And within its narrow precincts,
Where we two wont to stray;
Often still they find me musing
At the closing of the day.

Musing on the past and present,
And the life that lies before;
Mourning yet, for you, my darling,
Lost to me for evermore.

Cullybackey 18th June 1897

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