Lines suggested on hearing the Rev. W. Corkey, Belfast, a former minister here, preach a suitable sermon in the Cuningham Memorial Church, Cullybackey (whose present proficient pastor is the Rev. W. H. Hutchinson, B.A., M.C., C.F.) on Sunday evening, 11th inst., on the morning of which day he unveiled and dedicated a marble monument to the glory of God and in memory of the 87 brave members of the congregation who served in the great war, especially the 16 noble lads who laid down their precious lives, whose revered names shall not soon be forgotten. Mr. Corkey took as his text, Rev. 3 and verse 2, “Strengthen the things which remain.”

To Mr Corkey we express
Again and yet again,
The Christian ties that were made here
Are things which will remain.

But rather to his fine address,
If he will pardon me,
And Mr Editor if you
The daylight let it see.

After describing Sardis one
In language true and plain,
His sermon under two great heads
Is one that must remain.

The Church still like the Sardis one
So sad it can be said,
That just a few have got real life
The rest dying or dead.

But, thank God, that a goodly few
Have wash’d their robes full white,
Whose garments are all undefiled
And spotless in His sight.

Though rich or poor in this world’s eyes,
Just think how much remains
Faith, Hope, and Love, Peace, Prayer, and Praise,
A Triune God who reigns.

And to the dying and the dead
In sin of blackest stain,
All can have life and now be cleansed
Because these things remain.

The blood of Christ that flows so free,
Proving God’s love is great,
The Holy Spirit who will now
Each one regenerate.

He knocks and speaks and strives with all,
Ah, shall it be in vain
Knowing that these things, my dear friends,
Shall not for long remain.

May we accept with thankfulness
Those things which are our gain,
And then enjoy at God’s right hand
All things that there remain.

Adam Lynn, Cullybackey, 17th December 1921

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