We read o’ meetings to support
The risin’ nerra gage,
Which is tae be the strength and fort,
O’ every comin’ age.
We read o’ controversies lang,
O’ puirhoos’ jaw and vapour,
But seldom does the weaver’s wrang
Bedeck the public paper
On ony day.

Our wabs are lang an’ ill to weave
Sometimes the yarn is bad
Till scanty claes, wi’ ragget sleeve,
Is seen on lass an’ lad.
But nooguid fortune we’ll attain,
For orators sae thrifty
Will gaur the dreeper clip his chain
Wa’ doontaetwa-an-fifty
On ilka day.

Queelsmaun be wun when claith is wrought’
An’ pickers, shears an’ treadles,
Tallow an’ temples maun be boucht,
An’ floor tae dress the heddles.
Then meat tae gaur the wee yins leeve,
Maun come as weel’s the tackle,
But shure the wages we receive
Wud hardly buy them treacle
Tae meal this day.

How aisy ‘tis for men tae preach
Whun riches they hae got,
An’ naesel’ interest’s purse-hurt screech,
Ca’ us a sinfu’ lot.
But, haud a wee! Ye men o’ wealth!
Though noo for breath yerpantin’,
We axnae favours gained by stealth
It’s justice that we’re wantin’
Naemair this day.

The agitation for oor right
Will meet wi’ just support,
But then tae past election spite
We never should resort.
Abusin’ men behin’ their back
Can ne’er ooren’s attain;
I voted yinst for Sammy Black,
An’ hopes taedae’t again
Some ither day.

I ne’er was blessed wae gift o’ gab,
Like some great learned men,
Instead o’ school, I wove my wab,
Before that I was ten.
Though noo I’m auld an’ gray’s my hair,
I’verstudy’dweel the sense o’t,
For work let us get wages fair,
Naemetter ‘boot the length o’t
On ony day.

Pluckstick McTreadlehole
20th October 1880

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