In Ballymena Young Men’s Hall,
On last good Xmas Day,
The Faith Mission held a conference
Just in their usual way.

The singing was so full of praise
And prayers right from the heart;
The good effect it had on all
I trust shall ne’er depart.

To differentiate, dear friends
It beats me to know how,
Because each message was sublime,
Dealing with us just now.

Still what comes home to one with force
Another may not see;
So I just wish to pass along
The words that came to me.

Mr John Govan, of Belfast,
Flung wide the Gospel door,
Rearing his beautiful discourse
On Ornan’s threshing floor.

Because of sin a pestilence
Was raging there and then,
Which cost the Israelitish race
Seventy thousand men.

Please read the portion for yourselves
In 1st Chron. Twenty-one,
And do take home the leading thoughts
Then something shall be done.

The threshing floor is our own heart,
The oxen means our strength,
The instruments our members all,
The wheat – just all the length.

May we in Ornan’s language say,
“Take it…..I give it all.”
Then sin’s dread plague shall soon be stayed,
And Satan’s kingdom fall.

Yes, God shall pay us the full price,
All glory to His name,
And in the meantime fill our hearts
With love’s consuming flame.

Now let us consecrate ourselves
To Him, my readers dear;
Which is the best way that I know
To have a Bright New Year.

Adam Lynn, Cullybackey,
 30th December 1916

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