Composed on the lines of an illustration used in a local sermon on the text John XII v46

Farewell, farewell cold winter’s gloom,
And welcome, sunshine weather;
I love to hear thy song, sweet lark
Recalling youthful pleasure.

Yes, you do cheer my weary path,
Thy hope makes me rejoice;
For hope was never yet ashamed
To usher in her voice.

When Sol has risen in the east
And reached its height at noon
All nature bids me do my best
And keep my heart in tune.

Even as one sees the lark aspire
Some morning in April,
Thy heavenward life gives me good cheer,
And love still makes me smile.

And as the birds in friendship raise
Their notes melodiously;
Their carols given with delight
Come home from God to me.

That liberty they hold so sweet,
Inspires the sons of earth,
To let their spirit life begin
With songs of the soul’s new birth.

And so does courage rise with faith,
When each one helps along;
While fear forsakes our heart and breast,
As love bursts forth in song.

The lark with music filled the air,
And pity filled my heart;
Across to France I breathed a prayer,
Where soldiers do their part.

Then bright and brighter was the day,
And happier was my breats,
Until the very heavens thrilled,
With praises of the blest.

For as our thought rise up to God
Beyond all earthly themes,
With heavenly justice He forgives
Beyond our hopes and dreams.

So let us all rejoice in truth,
And live in amity;
Peace is the fruit of righteousness
And fills eternity.

W.Mc Cullybackey, April 1916

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