Some poets sing of rivers great,
Like those of Foyle and Boyne,
Or sweet and calm A voca’s Vale,
Where meeting waters join;
While others praise Killarney’s Lakes,
Yet here I will remain,
Mid pleasant scenes and hills so green,
Along the River Maine.

This stately river flows along
A course so grand and free,
Surrounded by romantic hills,
Adorned by bush and tree;
Each lovely vale and pleasant nook
Much pleasure does contain
When free from toil to wander here
On the banks of River Maine.

Through meadows rich and pastures green
Its waters flow so still;
A rumbling brook called “Jenny’s Burn”
Joins it near Sentry Hill.
A grand and ideal lovers’ walk,
No couple could disdain
To spend an hour or more along
The lovely River Maine.

The fishermen do oft forget
To ply their hook and line,
But gaze around this lovely spot,
Its verdure rich and fine.
Each rustic seat, the lovely pond,
Naught can its beauty stain;
No place on earth I love so well
As bonnie River Maine.

Cullybackey village lies
‘Mongst trees of lovely beech,
Near to the bridge there stands each church
Where Christian clergy preach.
This village is my boyhood home
In rustic speech, “my ain”
I hope to end my journey here,
And sleep near River Maine.

J.M.C. Cullybackey 5th July 1913

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