(1st Kings, V17)

I trust dear friends, there still remain
Some lessons to the good,
As outcome of the thoughts on Him
Who still controls our food.

But, then the question of “no space”
Made us cut short our lay,
Therefore the birds that brought the food
Got leave to fly away.

Please now let us consider them,
Although still on the wing,
And also take with thankful hearts
The needful food they bring.

The prophet does not praise them much,
Nor say ought of the meat,
Or whither it was young or old,
Well cook’d, bitter, or sweet.

But they are God’s own messengers,
Call them what name you will,
Who bring the Gospel full and free,
That each may have their fill.

And may not all be fancy birds,
Nor famous any way,
But, when the Lord commands them straight,
‘Tis their’s just to obey.

So like those ravens, my dear friends,
In spite of sex or creed,
The Lord’s commands now let us hear,
And help all those in need.

By bringing them the Bread of Life,
According to the Book,
And may all take refreshing drinks
From God’s most gorgeous brook.

Eddie Cullybackey 23rd February 1918

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