Still the Lord is watching o’er us
Just as loving, just as kind
Still the same forgiving Jesus;
Bless hin name, He says He’s mine.

Long ago He wooed and won me,
Brought me to that place of rest,
Where there’s none can hurt or harm me,
Leaning on His loving breast.

There’s no place I know so sacred,
Not a spot I know so sweet,
As just leaning on His bosom,
Or just sitting at His feet.

Here I see the nail prints clearer,
See His pierced, wounded side,
As He draws me closer to Him,
Whispering, “I for you have died.”

He can heal the heart that’s broken,
Bind the wound – He doth not chide
Hears the silent sigh unspoken,
He is ever at our side.

With this Friend to help and cheer us,
Should we either doubt or fear,
Take our feeble hand – Lord lead us
On to meet the Sweet New Year.

M. McMaster January 1930

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