With much speed the years are passing,
Oh! how quick they do pass bye;
Do we hear their voice of warning,
Silently to us they cry.

Be prepared to meet thy Maker,
For this year thy last may be,
Hear His voice so kindly saying,
Come the Master calleth thee.

Every year does bring us nearer,
For to stand before our God;
Are we reconciled to Jesus?
This alone can peace afford.

By His grace the Lord has spared us,
For to see another year,
May these mercies he has given,
Teach us His dear name to fear.

That’s the end for which God made us,
For to serve Him here below,
For to please the Lord who bought us
Every place His servants go.

For our life is but a hand’s breadth,
Truly it is just a span,
Like a vapour that is passing,
Oh, how very soon we’re gone.

Time, it does not wait upon us,
Fast it flies with rapid speed,
On the wings that God has given it;
Watch and pray we really should.

If we look on the year that’s past,
How our hearts with grief would fill
Empty seats in many a home;
But it was the Saviour’s will.

It was His will to call them home
To that happy place to rest;
There no pain, no sin, no sorrow,
There they are for ever blest.

Many hearts are bleeding round us,
Tenderest ties were cut in twain;
But the Lord will yet unite them,
We shall meet them all again.

Jesus, help us this year follow
Closer, closer than the past,
By thy hand uphold and guide us,
Till we reach our home at last.

Malcolm McMaster 5th January 1900

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