The following lines were suggested by the absence of the little clock in cleaning.
The little clock is now away,
Its ticking is not heard,
Its solemn beats are silent now,
Its form is unobserved.

So will it be with us ere long,
Our seats shall vacant be;
But up in heaven with our friends,
Our Saviour we shall see.

The little clock will soon be back,
But we shall not return,
Let not our lov’d ones left behind
With too much sorrow mourn.

But let them follow in the paths
Mark’d out in God’s own Word,
And by-and-bye we’ll meet above,
In presence of our Lord.

And through eternity in heaven
We’ll sing our Saviour’s praise,
And in the “mansions” of the just
Our heavenly songs we’ll raise.

Our lov’d ones now in foreign lands
Shall all be gather’d there,
And in the “everlasting rest,”
Heaven’s joys with us shall share.

There all, in one harmonious group,
Where parting is unknown,
We’ll sing Emmanuel’s sweetest songs,
In our Eternal Home.

Henry Speers, Killyless, 26th January 1900

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