Words fail to half express the grief
Felt in our hearts to-day,
Caused by the unexpected news
“Wee Maud has passed away.”

Young Maud, she was a child beloved,
Old far beyond her years,
Proving she was not for this world,
With all its sins and tears.

Too good for earth, more fit for heaven,
But lent us here a while,
To cheer us with her tender ways,
And quiet winning smile.

Lovely and wise, gentle and good,
She came and shed a light
Of Heaven’s own radiance round our path,
Then homeward took her flight.

She had a lovely head of curls,
Of splendid dark brown hair,
Which shall adorn her glorified head
In heaven bright and fair.

No one e’er dreamt when she left school,
A few short weeks before,
That Maud would be first to reach
The place where school’s no more.

Listen, dear friends, what Jesus says,
“Although you suffer much,
Forbid her not but realise
The Kingdom is of such.”

Yea, think of that good time and place
Where wee Maud waits for thee;
No danger then nor parting there,
For there we hope to be.

As sailing o’er life’s troubled sea,
Though high or low the tide,
With Christ aboard we’re sure to reach,
At last, the other side.

The passage may be rough or smooth,
The journey short or long,
But God knows best, we trust in Him,
And sing the victor’s song.

Elizabeth B. Lynn, Killylodge, 25th March 1913

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