The British square we all boast of
Solid stands, unbroken still;
The Four square Gospel precious
Stands, thank God, and always will.

Side one is God’s own Holy Word,
So precious long ago,
And ever since has stood the test,
Assail’d by false friend or foe
(1 Samuel, 3and1)

Side two is Faith so precious,
A God given gift to all,
Which He increases when ask’d too,
Becoming a great strong wall.
(11 Peter, 1and1)

Side three, the precious Promises,
Many readers could do bail;
Although such a variety,
Not even one job doth fail.
(11 Peter, 1and 4)

Side four, the Blood most precious
Shed for us on the Cross,
Where Jesus said, “It is finished,”
This truth never stands to loss.
(1 Peter. 1 and 19)

Consider this four-square Gospel,
All noted places read,
Getting right into the centre,
And then you are safe indeed.

Old Adam, Galgorm Parks, October 1944

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