Lines suggested on hearing the Rev. J. A. Lyons, B.A., minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Cullybackey, preach an interesting sermon in that church from the text:- “I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there,” 1st Kings, 17 v 4.

The times in which we live, dear friends,
Should turn our hearts to God,
Because now on this sinful earth
His judgments are abroad.

Alas! how people do forget
That he reigns over all,
And it is by His sovereign will
They either rise or fall.

But to the time our text refers
With thoughtfulness look back
There see a people down in sin
And famine on their track.

Just then Elijah, man of God,
Abruptly did appear;
But of his ancient lineage
A word we never hear.

In God’s own time he came along
Just like a sword of fire,
Which element possessed him so
In it he did retire.

Through all the drought and famine sore
God had him in His care;
He told him down at Cherith’s brook
Ravens would feed him there.

These dusky messengers brought him
Twice daily bread and meat;
This being God’s appointed food,
It kept him on his feet.

The brook of which he drank dried up
Because there was no rain;
Yet still the Lord controlled his food
None trusts in Him in vain.

Oh, that we had Elijah’s faith,
As willing to be fed;
Then God would undertake for us,
And see that we were fed.

We know most people have to work
To eat ever since the Fall;
But, reader, never once forget
That God controls it all.

Eddie, Cullybackey, 1st February 1918

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