Ezekiel VII V6

Behold, thank God, the end is come
Of two worst wars that’s known,
Whose cruelty and hellish deeds
Would melt a heart of stone.

Buchanwald and Belchan’s vile camps
Loom in our mental sight,
Which may just be sad samples of
What yet may come to light.

Big Germany, so well prepared,
As all the world now sees,
After doing her wicked worst
Is brought down on her knees.

We trust when there she may repent,
Before her race is run,
And do her best to make amends
For all the evil done.

The little Japs, if worse could be,
Also have missed their mark;
“The Rising Sun” has now gone down,
Leaving them in the dark.

The many who are maim’d for life,
And all dear ones bereft,
Are just some of the awful fruits
Of war of those that’s left.

We aren’t the judge of those who died
Hope is all we can do,
And pray that those who still remain
May live as they ought to.

We thank our Alliles, one and all,
For service without sin,
And may they long enjoy the peace
They helped so much to win.

The aftermath of such world wars
Has problems large and small,
But the great minds now at the head
In time will square up all.

For them, ourselves, and all the world,
This much we now can do,
Thank God, and for our Saviour’s sake
To guide all safely thought.

Adam Lynn, August 1945

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