Hurra, me boys, the Twalth is coming,
Anither month it wull be here;
Wae twa bress shells the Craigs is ready,
Whun ye see them, gee a cheer.

The ‘Hoghill boys is coming tae,
And Glebe folk ivery wan;
Moyasset chaps is squarin’ up
Their famous drum, “Black Man.”

Oor Temperance Lodge is lukin’ strong,
And so is yin-not-yin;
Dunminning boys is ready tae,
The Loan’s no far akin.

The fifers tae is tunin’ up;
Sure Greenwood he’s the boy;
Be sure ye luk at oor new flag
‘Twus painted by McCloy.

Hoo this wee toon wu’ll haud them a’
A dinna rightly ken;
A hale district, wae girls an’ a,
They number thousands ten.

Jest wak right roon oor village here,
At houses big ye’ll stare;
Ye need nae gang in tae the Toors,
For nae yin wull be there.

View well the works, oor lofty church;
Luk at the children’s school;
An’ step in tae the field and hear
Oor victory o’er Home Rule.

The girls and boys can hae a wak
Right doon yon leafy lane;
But there, A nee nae blaw and tak
The coortin’ man be daen.

Refreshments! Sure there wull be lots,
In ivery shap an’ stan;
Cakes and dulse, and lemonade,
Pig’s feet and yellow man.

But keep a coin for orphan waines,
Collectors there ye’l see;
For on yer ladder is three steps
The greatest yin is C.

Guid Orangemen we a’ shud be;
Noo, young yins, come and join,
And commemorate on each 12th day
The victory o’ the Boyne.

Tae Cullybackey on the Maine
A welcome freens a’ gee;
And may this twalth be foo o’ joy,
An’ monie may ye see.

J.M.C. 21st June 1913

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