Cullybackey Reformed Presbyterian Church

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R P Inside from back R P Lecture Hall Window

The first Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland was constituted in 1784 but it was not until 1789 that a Meeting House was erected in Cullybackey. It was a plain rectangular structure, with a stairway at each gable leading to the galleries and was known as the “Pound Meeting House,” having been built on ground immediately adjacent to the ancient village Pound, an enclosure where stray cattle were kept until redeemed by their owners.

Membership of the church increased over the years which led to the Meeting House being thoroughly renovated and extended in 1887. The old galleries were removed and a transept to the building on the side next the road leading from Ballymena was added.

With the ravages of time taking its toll on the building it was decided to knock down the existing church and rebuild on the same site. In 2007 the old church was demolished and the new church was completed in December. The new church building was first used for worship on 6th December 2008.

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