“Telegraph” readers near and far,
Suppose you like a rhyme,
And that the Editor finds space,
Even at such a time,
This book which bears Easter’s good name,
Is history right through,
Please read it now and just see how
It all appeals to you
Full true this day.

Vashti, good Queen, could not obey
Her drunken King’s command,
For which she was dismissed by him,
Who sought another’s hand,
But who would be the “Beauty top?”
Becoming the new Queen,
Persians fair did nothing spare
In competition keen
Full nice that day.

So, strange although the truth may seem,
Not one of them was found,
Save Easter, the young Jewish maid,
To carry off the crown,
A crisis soon sprang up, alas!
But Queen Easter was there,
By whom was wrought ‘gainst Haman’s plot
And all reversed by prayer
Full straight that day.

He was a fearful wicked man
To sit in a high place,
And had his plans no met defeat,
Alas poor Jewish race!
On gallows high for them put up,
Himself was first to swing,
Then his ten sons, the story runs,
Which to our notice brings,
Full facts this day.

God always has His witnesses,
Whether many or few,
A man or woman, boy or girl,
A Gentile or a Jew;
Therefore let each of us be true,
No matter where we are,
Like Easter Queen, as we have seen,
Who was a shining star,
Full bright that day.

Old Adam, Galgorm Parks

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