How peaceful and contented
Beside the fire she’ll sit,
But if the dog annoys her
She’ll raise her back and spit.
Up goes the paw in anger,
And Toby must withdraw,
Or soon he’ll have to suffer
Her “scratchers” on his jaw.

Her fur, so soft and glossy,
The children gently stroke,
She also is a favourite
With all the elder folk.
They know, but for her presence
In every household store,
By mice the family rations
Would all be nibbled o’er.

Yet though she is so useful
To keep the mouse at bay,
She too will sometimes trespass
And steal some meat away.
She’ll overturn the cream jug
And stain the table cloth,
Then off she’ll quickly scuddle
For now the cook is wroth.

The cook may seize a ladle,
And oh!- if pussy’s caught,
Her little time of pleasure
Shall then be dearly bought.
But she knows the cook is grumpy
And seeks to have revenge,
So up a tree she scampers
Beyond the ladle’s range.

H. Calderwood, Cullybackey, 25th June 1926

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