Dear readers, all in this old ball,
Which now is far from square,
In good thoughts train let us again
Call at that station, prayer.

There let us read the truth indeed,
Mark and inward digest;
These rules observe and never swerve,
And God will do the rest.

In great guide book let us now look,
Those seven rules are there;
The motive right, the heart alight,
Counts number one in prayer.

Ask in that name. Who’s still the same,
The One Whom we adore;
To keep this rule makes our joy full
John sixteen, twenty-four.

We read in Jude that we all should
Pray to accomplish most;
Not in a plan get up by man,
But in the Holy Ghost.

Believing stark eleventh Mark,
As great verse four-and-twenty;
We must believe that we receive
If we are to have plenty.

Prayer’s more than “crack” or wish to take
If we would do our part,
For everything we ought to bring
A real thankful heart.

Rule number six might seem to fix
And overrule the rest;
Still me must say, oft as we pray,
Thy will, O! God is best.

But pray, dear saint, and do not faint,
The Bible plainly says,
Cry day and night, all will come right
To one who thus wise pays.

A. Lynn, Cullybackey, 1st November 1920

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