Fare ye well, old friend and neighbour,
Now that we’ve been forced to part;
Yet for you we’ll ever cherish
Kindly feelings in our heart.

Long, long years you’ve been the medium,
With the help of horse and car,
That has kept us in connection
With the people, near and far.

But the times are fast advancing
And we can’t be left behind;
Still we sadly feel at parting
With the friends who’ve been so kind.

We have made a new connection
And with others joined our lot,
Yet remember Cullybackey
Portglenone forgets thee not!

Lifelong friends we’ve been together
Far too long to sever thus
For the sake of any barrier
Like a motor omnibus.

Though it parts us for the present,
It is only for a time,
For we hope to join you later
Somewhere on the railway line.

We have gained one step already
So we will not say “goodbye,”
But like King Bruce and the Spider
We will have another “try.”

With the assistance of our neighbours
And friends up in the City,
And the never-tiring efforts of
The Development Committee.

We’ll join you yet when the time has crowned
Our efforts with success,
And end our days together
On the rails through Killyless.
PORTGLENONE 19th December 1919

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