(No matter how systems change the visits
of our inspectors must always have a powerful
influence on the work of the school.)

Her he comes! Be quiet, children!
Not one murmur! He hates noise.
Mind your P’s and Q’s, you fellows!
Sit in order! Watch him, boys!

Answer all his questions briskly
Stand aright; hold up your head
Do not let him find you napping;
Tell him all you’ve seen and read.

Don’t forget your manners, Billy
“Yes, sir.” “No, sir,” “Pardon me”
For he hates a moping fellow;
Then be active as a bee.

He may say, “Well done!” to Mary,
Or call George “a clever boy.”
Then you’ll think of him with pleasure,
And remember him with joy.

But if dull or rude your actions,
You’ll regret it every day;
Watch, prepare, look out, be ready,
And be ready while you may.

T. R. Robinson, Craigs P.E.S.

22nd November 1924

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