There’s a beautiful spot on the North Antrim Coast
Overlooking Portstewart Strand
It’s known as the beautiful Rock House
Which is always in great demand.

We were really treated like royalty
By James, Pat and their staff
We had four good hearty meals each day
Along with a lot of laughs.

The view we had each morning
Money could never buy
To watch the waves wash up on the rocks
Or to watch the seagulls fly by.

Another lovely view we had as we stepped outside the hall
Was the lovely rugged coast line
And the hills of Donegal.

Each evening after we had our meal
To the lounge we all made our way
We all engaged in quizzes and games
To end a perfect day.

George entertained us each evening
We all joined him in songs of praise
Hymns from songs of victory
Took us back to bygone days.

A lady came in to tell us
The history of the Bible to view
She talked of King Darius and the Rosetta stone
That’s just to name but a few.

One night we were entertained by a lady whose talents were great
The music she played on piano
We could have listened to her all night.

Another night we had handicrafts
By two ladies who showed us their skills
Some of us were better than others
We enjoyed it as we didn’t get a bill.

We had the Pastor and his lovely wife Linda
From the village of trusty Broughshane
They joined in the fun and laughter
So their holiday was not in vain.

We hear of this coat that Freddie had
It was worth more than silver or gold
It was almost away to the knackers yard
But Fred said, “No, it can’t be sold.”

It had kept him warm for many a year
Through frost and snow and ice
It would have broken his heart to let it go
To have it back in his possession was nice.

We looked for Red sails in the sunset
But alas we saw nothing but rain
We just didn’t let it bother us
We thought sure we’ll come back again.

On Thursday night before we came home
We had a very special guest
It was Mrs TBF Thomson
By her presence we were all very blessed.

Now to George and Dorothea
Who planned this trip from the start
We all thank them most sincerely
From the bottom of our hearts.

So now to conclude and to finish
This poem I hope will entertain
I pray that the Lord will let us all meet
In Rock House once again.

Nan Anderson, February 2013

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