Suggested in connection with attending the special supplicatory service in the Parish Church, Ahoghill, Co. Antrim, on Sunday, 3rd January 1915, conducted by the esteemed rector, Rev. W.H. A. Lee, M.A., who delivered a most suitable address based on the words, “The Terrible Crisis.”

Dear freens, wae sorry heart A write
A line ur twa tae you,
Bae wye o’ passin’ on some thochts
As auld as they ir new.
Hooiver, we ir al’ as yin,
An’ whuther near ur far,
We humbly pray Jehovah may
Sune en’ this awfu’ war
Fu’ bad this day.

Tae think great Europe is in grups
The tichtest iver known,
An’ sweltherin’ noo in hir ain bluid
In al’ that fechtin’ zone.
Ooor Allies ir fine gallant men,
An’ winning’ laurels o’ fame;
But folk up here ‘bin al’ revere
Brave Irishmen frae hame
Fu’ guid this day.

The pros an’ cons o’ this dread war
Ir sae weel kent bae al’,
A need nae “gorr” it up again,
As it is soor as gal’.
Five months’ foul fechtin’ is noo past,
In air, on lar’, as’ sea;
Though thoosan’s fell, this work o’ “hell”
Goes on, an’ diznae dee
Fu’ stiff this day.

His Majesty oor noble King
Sid his Royal desire
Wuz that the Throne o’ Peace be sought
Throughout his vast Empire,
Settin’ apart last Sabbath Day
Fur humble, heartfelt prayer,
That big an’ wee present their plea,
An’ dae their little share
Fu’ firm this day.

An’ that we shud nae be surprised
At God’s speedy reply,
Whun He had pledged in His ain Wurd
Tae hear the contrite’s cry.
Clim’ doon an’ tak’ the sinner’s place,
Although yer faith be dim;
Aye dae the richt wae al’ yer micht,
An’ le the rest tae Him
Fu strong this day.

Fur juist beca’s like Israel,
We hae furgot oor God,
So that He had tae chasten us
Wae this tremendyus rod.
But let us noo return tae Him,
An’serve Him day an’ night;
We yit shall conquer al’ oor foes,
As we ir in the right
Fu guid this day.

Adam Lynn, Cullybackey, 4th January 1915

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