I love the songs of Nature,
The music of the wild;
The woods and birds enrapture
The heart of every child.

I love the scent of Scottish pine,
With varied coloured hues;
Of flowers distilled by sunshine,
And rain for joyful use.

I love to hear good music,
It stirs my soul to soar
From gloom that makes the heart sick,
To rise and sin no more.

I love the songs of Jesus
The satisfying One,
Who from all sin releases,
By grace through victory won.

I love the youth and maiden
Who cling to Christ on high,
Whose faith shall find life laden
With mercies when they die.

My love of life grows stronger
Despite defeats and pain;
My faith in God was never
For times of ease or gain.

And why should I love Jesus?
Because He first love me;
His spirit’s presence eases
The heart He still keeps free.

I live for Christ, my Saviour,
To know His blessed will;
To show devout behaviour,
To serve Him better still.

I cannot live without Thee,
With Thee all joys are known;
To know that Jesus loves me
Makes Heaven all my own.

For one and all there’s welcome,
And right of way possessed;
In Him there’s richest ransom.
The Host for every guest.

The arms of love encompass me,
My heaven is on His face;
No peace nor joy can sweeter be,
So precious is His grace.

J. Townsley, Cullybackey 25th November 1918

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