Friends, at this time I fain would rhyme
About a girl I’ve seen,
Above the rest, e’en at their best
She reigns unchosen Queen.

For beauty rare, none would compare
In all the human race,
Or virtue too how very few
Seem to possess such grace.

Her eyes so true, like azure blue,
Are like those of a dove,
That sparkle bright both day and night,
Beaming and full of love.

Sure when on me she lets them be
They perforate my heart,
Her comic wink oft makes me think
On fair young cubits dart.

Her skin is white, her hair is right,
Her lips well cut, and fine,
Let this be said, her cheeks are red
As lilies dipt in wine.

Her waist is small, she’s straight and tall,
All others are beneath;
And she has got what some have not,
Those priceless wisdom teeth.

Her walk is neat, her talk is sweet
She’s everything in one;
I’m proud to tell she’s “nonparell”,
‘Neath stars, and moon, and sun.

That man is blest above the rest,
Who wins her as his bride;
Should it be me ‘och, och-an-ee’
How sweetly life would glide.

Adam Lynn,
Lough View, Drumnakelly, Lurgan

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