A leader has fallen, a trusted man, a man of the people, a wise counsellor,
and a strength to his party.

These are the opening words of the obituary in the Ballymena Observer of 6th July 1894 describing the late Mr John Patrick after news broke of his sudden death.
John Patrick was born in Dunmining on 28th November 1844. He was sent at a young age to be educated at the Royal Academical Institution in Belfast, where he spent a considerable time, then to Lancaster in England, and finally to Coleraine Academical Institution.

He married the daughter of John Davison, Esq., late of Raceview, Broughshane and they had four sons and two daughters. For a number of years Mr Patrick held the office of an elected Guardian for the Dunminning Division of the Ballymena Union, where he held the position of Vice-chair for many years. On the death of his father, John Patrick, Esq., J. P., he was appointed to the magistracy for County Antrim. As a magistrate sitting at Ballymena, Ballymoney, Rasharkin and Killagan courts he was found to be impartial, honest, upright and fair in his decisions.

Aside from these duties he was a member of the County Antrim Grand Jury for nearly twenty years. He was a member of his local Orange Lodge and for a long number of years a member of the County Antrim Grand Orange Lodge and went on to become one of the deputy Grand Masters of Ireland. He did not hide his politics under a bushel, but openly expressed what they were, always tended in the direction of maintaining civil and religious liberty. As well as the Orange Order he was also a member of the Masonic Order. He belonged to Lodge No. 431, Ballymena and held the offices of Past Master, King, and R.A.C.

Always a generous benefactor to the community John Patrick erected the Orange Hall in the district and to encourage education in the locality he had the local National School re-built at his own expense.

This friend to all and enemy of none, was laid to rest in the Craigs Parish Church Graveyard on the Monday morning following his death at the early hour of eight o’clock, after which the Rev. S. S. Frackleton and the Rev. A.T. Kirkpatrick conducted the funeral service of the Church of Ireland.






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