A merriage register yin time
Contained the purport o’ this rhyme,
By gein names an’ day an’ date
O’ those who joined the marriage state,
First Mr King we Miss McQueen,
An’ Billy Orange took Biddy Green:
Mr Rid, a manly fellow,
Mad a wife o’ yin Miss Yellow:
Auld Mr Gray merrit Miss Broon,
An’ Stars got splic’d til’ Tillie Moon;
Dear Mr White wed young Miss Black,
An’ Mr Hay took Mistress Stack,
Mr Penny merrit Miss Gold,
Although he was not half as old;
Mr Fife wed old Miss Drummers,
An’ Mr Frost yin fair Miss Summers;
Mr Wood merrit Miss Steel,
An’ Mr Heart a Maggie Peel;
Mr Hill merrit Miss Dell,
An’ Mr Standal weeda Fell;
Mr Lions merrit Miss Bull,
An’ Mr Wise a gigglin’ fool.
Bit dae nae tel’ this fur yer life-
A woman dis nae aye mean wife,
Nur man a husband, though thir wed,
An’ ir baith weel pit on en’ fed;
Bit whuther honey ur soor gal’,
The clergy merries yin an’ al’,
Bit only those wha wed fur luve
Can hope tae be blist from above;
Thin dae nae min’ sae much the name,
Bit get yer mate an’ mak a hame.

Adam Lynn, April 1907

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