Dear editor of the “Lurgan Mail”
If you could grant the space
I’ll try and tell your readers good
What I think of this place.

Sir, how to put my thoughts in words
Is just what puzzles me,
But that is where the rub comes in,
As anyone can see.

To picture Lurgan with a pen
I think could not be done,
Because it has no equal, friends,
Under the shining sun.

The park, the lake, the Castle Orange,
And places grave and gay;
Good water running day and night
From beautiful Lough Neagh.

Fine churches for all sects and creeds
Would seem to now abound,
But anything like Shankill Church
I think could not be found.

The sacred pile majestic stands,
Whose “vane” would seem to say:
“Repent, believe, keep looking up,
Which is the only way.”

But people count more than the place,
And here I find it so,
For better people, in and out,
I’m sure I do not know.

The men are brave as brave can be,
The women good and fair,
True helpmeets, who are not afraid
To do their noble share.

God bless dear Lurgan is my prayer,
And cause all strife to cease,
By shedding in each of our hearts
His Love, His Truth, His Peace.

Adam Lynn, Lurgan

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