Addressed to the noble sons of patriotism, loyal comrades of the 1st Battalion North Antrim Regiment Ulster Volunteer Force, who so very willingly sacrificed, perhaps all, and joined Lord Kitchener’s Army on Saturday 26th September, 1914, in the Protestant Hall, Ballymena.

Dear comrades, who have responded,
Like loyal men and brave,
To the call of the greatest Empire,
Which you now help to save
From the power of that tyrant
Agnostic German Knave.

Whose only vile ambition is
Alas not for the cross
But how that he might power gain
At other people’s loss,
And soon become the absolute
Great European “boss.”

In hope of which these many years
His spies went near and far,
Whilst Germany wrought night and day,
Lest she should miss a “bar”
In making preparations for
This devastating war.

For which she yet shall “lick the dust,”
And plead for peace in vain,
Because she flung sweet peace away
With hellish mad disdain,
She shall be wiped clean off the map
On which she is a stain.

Although the Ulster Force was formed
With quite another aim,
For which we stand as heretofore,
Our motto still the same
“Keep the old flag flying” high,
Of which we think no shame.

To you who can, and are going,
Always bear this in your mind,
That Ulster’s cause shall be seen to
By those who must stay behind;
And when you come back in your glory,
You’ll find things here to your mind.

May God’s mighty power go with you
And bring you back to us here
To your friends, relations, and loved ones
Who for you shed many a tear,
To take up your work as good soldiers,
In the ranks with old comrades dear.

Adam Lynn, Cullybackey 28th September 1914

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