Dear readers all, both large and small,
The grave as well as gay,
Though rich or poor, we’re almost sure
Some people never pray.

Please just now read the truth indeed
And inwardly digest
These rules observe and never swerve,
Then God will do what’s best.

In His Guide Book if you now look
These rules and more are there,
The motive right, the heart alight,
Counts number one in prayer.

Ask in Christ’s Name, He’s still the same,
The One whom we adore;
Keeping this rule He answers full
John sixteen, twenty-four.

Read in St. Jude how that we should
Pray to accomplish more,
Not in a play that might please man
But in the Holy Ghost.

Eleventh Mark tells all to hark
At that verse four-and-twenty,
We must believe and it receive
If we are to have plenty.

Prayer is not “crack” and more than take
If we would do our part,
For everything all ought to bring
A truly grateful heart.

Rule number six might seem to fix
And over-rule the rest,
Since all should say and oft’ as they pray
“Thy will, O God,” is best.

This world now sad would be right glad
If God had the first place
In every heart from every part
Of all the human race.

Revival true, long overdue
Because all do not pray;
When Satan sees few on their kness
He knows who has the sway.

Pray on, dear saint, and do not faint
The Scriptures plainly say
“Cry day and night” all will come right,
That’s why we all should pray.

Adam Lynn, Galgorm Parks, May 1947

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