On the dark and dreary roadway

Stood a youth in robes of silver,

On his cheek a flush of pleasure,

Filling all the land with beauty;

And his eyes shone like the sunbeams.

Said he in his tones so pleasant,

“Rise up, flowers, and show your beauty!

Rise up, lark, and sing your verses!

Than all the earth was bright and cheery,

From their sleep the flowers were waken,

Gladly welcoming the springtime;

In the air the lark was soaring,

Soaring, singing to the heavens;

And the stream began to gurgle,

Now no more was sad and dreary.

From their prisons came the sunbeams,

Shot they down their arms of golden,

Hailed! and welcomed to the springtime,

“Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Stranger.”


James Knowles Age 11

Tullygrawley School

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