To know my Lord is with me
No matter where I be
In weakness or in sickness,
This makes it sweet to me
To know He hears my murmur
To know His eye doth see
The cares and grief’s that vex me
This makes it sweet to me.

My Lord is always caring
He knows what makes me sad;
One look by faith revives me
And makes my poor heart glad.
He makes my burden lighter
Anoints my eyes to see;
He makes my vision brighter
This makes it sweet to me.

Or if my heart feels lonely,
And though I may not see;
He joins me as I journey
This makes it sweet to me,
To know my sins forgiven,
To know my soul is free
This makes it grand and glorious,
This makes it sweet to me.

He says He’ll never leave me;
And when that moment comes,
He’ll ford me ‘cross the river,
And land me safe at home.
With such a Guide to cheer me,
Why should I fret or fear?
Just simply lean on Jesus
To meet the sweet New Year.

Malcolm McMaster 30th December 1922

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