Who died at his residence, Lisnagarron, 1st July 1920

The sun shines bright, the birdies sing,
And flowers bloom to-day
The young lambs sport beside the spring,
So fresh, so fair and gay.

But Ah! in sorrow deep we mourn
For one whose love was true
How can it be that we must part
Our father, dear, with you?

Christ’s Church on earth shall miss him much,
His life a crown has won;
For they who live for Christ, for such,
Shall hear the words – “Well Done.”

No voice on earth we loved so well,
Nor none could give such cheer
Than that dear voice, which now is still,
We always loved to hear.

We miss him at our cottage home
And people miss him round,
Even though to distant we roam
There’s none like him e’er found.

At home we think we see him yet,
When sitting on his chair,
When sisters all and brothers met
To hear his humble prayer.

Lord help our mother bear the loss,
Be Thou her help and stay
That through her tears she may rejoice
On that bright future day.

When she shall join the heavenly throng,
And sing with angels there,
And meet our Father up above,
Where Christ’s gone to prepare.

A Mansion in the skies for those
Who love and serve Him well
Where soon he’ll meet a family blest
For evermore to dwell.

William McCloy

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