On hearing the Rev. W.R. Megaw, B.A., the newly ordained minister of Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church, Ahoghil, preach his first sermon after his ordination to his congregation on Sunday 10th April 1910. Text, 1Cor., 2v2

First impressions aft are lastin’
Whither bad ur whither guid,
Pardon, an’ I’ll tell ye my yins
In a simple bit o’ screed;
Born an’ broucht up in the district,
Niver bein’ far frae hame,
Sma’ wunner that my words are common,
An’ ideas awfoo tame
Foo dull this day.

Hooiver, freens, this peacefoo fixture
Minds me o’ lang years ago,
Whun the church wus mair auld-farrent
Baith inside an’ oot ye know;
What the venerable F. Buick
Preach’d the Word tae rich and poor;
Sacred be his name fur iver
Fur flingin’ wide the Gospel door
Foo guid that day.

Whas sturdy henchman an’ assistant,
Mr McConachie o’ fame;
A fearless, faithfoo Gospel preacher,
Regerdin’ whom we think nae shame,
Assisted an’ succeeded later
By him wha cud “catch-his-pals”;
Bit Mr Pyper did “surrender”
Tae the folk o’ “Derry Wal’s”
Foo firm this day.

Revertin’ mair til’ present moments,
Wae expecations reemin’,
Anent Trinity Church o’ hope,
Whar “Love” and’ faith are beamin’,
Becas his Mester sent alang,
His servant, young Mega’,
Noo weel ordain’d as pastor here
By Presbyterian la’,
Foo nice this day.
Son o’ the Manse, wae bright career,
He comes, we trust, fur guid,
Provin’ himself baith in an’ oot
A clargieman indeed;
We wish tae see the “B” degree
Knock’d oot by cubit’s darts,
An’ like the sang replaced ‘fore lang
By “M” atrimonial “A” rts
Foo gled some day.

The prayers an’ expositions, friens,
O’ Young Mr Mega’
Did me a world o’ lastin guid
Afore he preached ava’,
Although his sermon, weel got up,
Wus jist as weel laid doon,
He hurl’d the darts right at our hearts,
An’ no’ up at the moon
Foo heich this day.

His theme wus Christ the Crucified,
Nane else he wants til’ know,
Nur preach til’ plase himsel’ alane,
Nur heich, middle, ur low;
Yit varied as the rainbow’s hues
He show’d this theme til’ be
Heich as the sky, wide as the earth,
An’ like the michty sea
Foo deep this day.

The la’ the Prophets, big an’ wee,
An’ Gospels wur the same,
Epistles sweet, al’ pointed tae
The Crucified’s dear name;
Wae sic’ a theme an’ sic’ a place,
An’ sic’ a time as this,
An’ sic’ a school, an’ sic’ a church?
The hale thing jist means bliss
Foo great this day.

Randerin’ Rhymer, Cullybackey, 11th April 1910

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