I am the Life, the Truth, the Way,
Says Jesus, so clear and plain,
Come and find rest – the call obey,
His teaching prove not in vain.
And he will guide you all your days,
With counsel by your side,
He knows the secrets, and He says
He will with you abide.

It is enough if He’s your friend,
Engrafting His love anew,
Keeping you bound unto the end
As sons of adoption true.
“Because I live ye shall live too,”
Gives promise of good birth,
So is God’s Kingdom born in you,
Creating new heavens and earth.

The Holy Spirit’s presence wins
Obedience and righteousness,
And when true faith in God begins
Man’s service will not grow less.
The Prince of Peace is man’s ideal,
And hope of harmony,
He has fulfilled God’s will with zeal,
And goodness and loyalty.

J. Townsley, Cullybackey 18th December 1918

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