In the beautifoo, solid, an’ sacred edifice known as Ahoghill Parish Church, wha’s respectes an’ zealous young rector is the Reverint Lancelot H. Becher, M.A., on Friday evenin’ last thir wus a rale suitable an’ appropriated thanksgeein’ service acknowledgin’ the guidness o’ the Geer o’ al’ guid. The very special preacher on the great occasion was the Rev. R. Walker, L.L.D., rector of’ St. Barnabas, Belfast (formerly of St. Patrick’s Bellamena, who selected his text from Galatians, 6 Chapter, an’ verse 10.


Although I’m awfoo Church mysel,
An’ hauds she is son as a bel’
That yin’s Church shud hae prior claim,
An’ bigotry’s a sin an shame.

The Congress in Belfast last week,
If at the “Telegraph” we’ed keek,
Goes far tae fetch us near as near
Tae ither sects o’ Christian dear.

Bit tae the subject proper, freens
Lit us revert wae al’ oor means
An’ thank the Lord in rhyme an’ reason
Fur this guid fruitfoo hervest season.

Tae “Hogil” Church last Friday nicht
I made my wye – the streets had licht;
Thanks tae hir ladyship, the moon,
Which did “free gratis” licht the toon.

The church inside luck’s simply gran’
Fur taste ootrivel’d Nature’s plan,
The quire’s chant, an’ organ’s peal
Wud touch the heart o’ hardest steel.

The service auld aye seems it’s worst
Tae only stranger at the first;
Whun tae the Book we strictly keep,
It gees nae time tae dooze ur sleep.

The sarmoon wus a rael trate,
On “chances” pictured up-tae-date;
I love sincerely Mr. Wa’ker,
Becas he is saw plain a ta’ker.

“He taen an’ treshed weel his first “heid,”
Portyrin’ “chances” murdered deid,
Minteenin’ that this crime wus rife
In almaist ivery wa’k o’ life.

“Those fussy folk, fur iver late,
Tae second “heid” he then did mate,
Implyin’ that it was a sin,
Aye in a hurry, aye ahin.

“Under “heid three,” in words sublime,
He urged us al’ tae be in time,
Each “opportunity” tae seize,
No’ only that bit tae it freeze.

“An’ lastly, though mae “chances” came
Tae rish an’ mak thim al’ the same,
An’ niver yince bate a retreat,
Bit move alang in Christ complete.”

The service an’ the lessons taught
Winnie be likely sune furgot,
So whun the Gerner reaps each yin,
May we be ripe an’ free frae sin;
I wish sincerely – Yours A. Lynn.

Adam Lynn, Cullybackey 15th October 1910

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