We have said “Good-bye” to our gallant men,
They have gone to prepare for the war,
And there’s sorrow and gloom in many a home,
And trouble both near and far.

In the village we’ll miss their cheery word
As the dreary days go by;
And our soldier lads are away at the front
In the battle to win or die.

But we wished them “Good luck” with a smiling face,
And no shadow of trouble or pain,
When they said “Good-bye” to Hillmount
And the village on the Maine.

We’ve given the best to the Empire
Of our Ulster blood and bone,
And we know on the field of battle
Our lads will hold their own.

We all know gallant Haugthon,
Who had company command;
And Smith – no better soldier
Will leave our Ulster land.

Why speak of brave McWhirter,
Or of Jack Cochrane Bold;
‘Time vain to mention all their nams
They’re worth their weight in gold.

For we breed no coward traitors,
But men for the Empire’s need;
To thrive at the price of others
Was never our Ulster creed.

For Ulster drives no bargain,
She asks no special grace,
She only seeks in days to come
In the Empire to keep her place.

Tho’ we’ve been sold by cowards,
‘Twas not with Britain’s will;
And in spite of Rome and Redmond
We’ll be her liegemen still.

Then God be with our Volunteers,
And bring them home again
To those they love in Hillmount,
And Cullybackey on the Maine.

C.K.S. GLASGOW, 12th October 1914

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