Despite the obsession that the war has laid upon all there is still the wish to keep up the interest and pleasure of a game for those who are free, for we require all the health and energy that the nation can obtain at the moment.

Cullybackey golfers, then commenced their season’s meetings last Monday in lovely weather with a friendly game amongst themselves, and with the enhancement of a convivial picnic provided by the ladies of the club. Their Easter holiday thus became a season of festival and good-fellowship, and an occasion of great joy and inspiration to a company of at least ten or more foursomes. Many visitors have commented most favourably upon the amenity of the grounds and the picturesqueness of the charming scenes by the riverside, to all of which we are disposed to say in sunny response:-

The day invites to golf’s delights,
Then seek the Links with me,
Where pleasure waits with open gates
And a welcome fond and free.

Such prospects fair lie round you there
That cold must be the heart
To which the sight of scenes so bright
Can naught of joy impart.

The blackbird’s song is borne along
The balmy scented gale,
Where Maine’s clear stream with silver gleam
Glides murm’ring through the vale.

And heavenward led from grassy bed
The lark ascending sings,
While all around with joyous sound
The jocund welkin rings.

Not far remote in a rustic cot,
Lives Jeanie, so gentle is she,
Yet few surpass this modest lass
Who hails from our country.

When out of sight my fancy’s flight
Still vies her form so fair,
In garden bowers, or midst her flowers,
Herself the fairest there.

Let’s Golf revere, that brings us here
To such attractive scene,
With healthy air and walks so rare
Round the Links so fresh and green.

No love can fire or wine inspire,
No art our cares drive off,
Like the round we go with a well-matched foe
In a friendly game at Golf.

Then bless the game, for to the same
These priceless boons I owe;
Ripe health and strength and life’s long length,
And a mind ne’er dull or slow.

To test the ring of the truth I sing
Stop not to doubt or scoff,
But quickly hie to the Links, and try
A friendly game at Golf.

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