O Lord, the war’s still raging!
Two years have passed away,
What broken hearts are mourning
Around the world to-day.

Lord help us make confession,
Forsaking every sin;
Then look to God for victory,
For He can help us win.

Protect our lads, we pray Thee,
Lord, help them trust in Thee;
Beneath Thy wing, oh, hide them,
Dear Lamb of Calvary.

Poor mothers’ hearts are broken,
What fathers’ hearts are sad,
Dear sisters they are sighing,
Lord Jesus make them glad.

Those that have lost dear loved ones,
When will they cease to mourn?
Left that day and went away,
Yea, never to return.

What cheeks were kissed most fondly,
By mothers, true and brave;
Now lie sleeping far from home,
In some quiet, lonely grave.

The Saviour He will gather
From every hill and plain,
There’ll be a sweet reunion
We’ll meet them all again.

Till then, O Lord, we’ll trust Thee
To help us be Thou near,
And catch the tear that’s falling,
This blessed, sweet New Year.

M McMaster January 1917

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