Written as a welcome to Mr. Thomas Boyd on his important appointment as Mananging Editor of the Ballymena Weekly Telegraph in succession to the late Mr. Joseph Laughlin.

Readers, within yer recollection,
A tried in a bit o’ rhyme
Steerin ships afore yer veeshin
Which ha sailed the seas o’ time.

Aboot oor michty flet o’ veshils,
The best King Neptune iver sa’,
Fair mistress o’ the seas majestic,
Which mak’s the wurl’ adhere tae la’

But tae “ships” that ir jist as rael
A request a mental view,
Though they hae nae wings o’ kenvis
Nor propelled bae triple screw.

Elder-ship’s a holy veshill,
Chairman-ship is at the heid,
Lord-ship’s aft a ya’t fur pleesure,
Lady-ship has noo the lead.

Coort-ship is the largest veshill
On the changin’ seas o’ time,
His aboord o’ ivery stashin,
Every age an’ ivery clime.

Though pleesint, whiles the sea is choppy,
Better whun she stan’s the breeze,
Provin’ that she is wave-worthy
Fur deep metrimonial seas.

Editor-ship’s a michty crooser,
Paper sails baith fore an’ aft,
Which catach e’en the faintest cypher
Speed alang o’ usefu’ craft.

The Bellamena Weekly Tel.”
Is oor “ship” bath strong an’ big,
Noo replete wae smert crew an’ staff,
An’ Mr. Body upon the brig.

Wha’ comes derect frae sweet Sliga,
An’ stterin’ “Independence” there,
Tae the great “Seven Toored City,”
Whar al’ shades ir trated fair.

Wae pride we note that he’s cliver,
An’ better, yin o’ the richt soart,
A philanthropiest, as weel as a lover
O’ manily an’ upliftin’ sport.

Bein’ rear’d at auld Cerickfergis,
Has him weel up in the know
O’ the rocks, the reefs, an’ the shellas,
An’ whun tae drive fast ur slow.

Tae himsel’ better haf, an’ their offspring
We wish, in view o’ the “Twalth,”
A lang, happy, prosperis voyage,
An’ noo a true “Cead Mile Failte.”

Adam Lynn, 15th March 1915

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