Much time an’ talents, my dear freens,
Hae been used day an’ nicht
In tryin’ tae git folk tae learn
Tae use Nature aricht.

But lit me interduce this lass,
Sweet Nature’s lovely dame,
Which I wud like “Chat” readers al’
Tae woo an’ wun at hame.

Fresh frae auld “mother earth” she came,
Wha nurs’d hir waen wae care,
An’ in the “cradle o’ the deep”
Rock’d weel his baby fair.

Hir “hied” is heich doon in the “glen,”
Hir “broo” that “o’ the hill,”
Hir “face” is seen on ilka “brae,”
Go wharsoe’er ye will.

Hir “mooth” is whar the “river’s” end,
Ur whar the cares begin,
Hir “shoulders” ir o’ massive “rock,”
Defyin’ waves an’ win.

Hir “breest,” the “dam,” an’ “reservoir,”
Adorns wae solid grace,
Hir “bowels,” deep doon “in the earth”
Hae thir a hidin’ place.

Hir “erms” the sinues “o” the sea,”
Streeched inlan’ as ye know,
Hir “elbows” cruck the strethtest “road,”
Whuther its heich ur low.

Hir stately “lims” o’ giant “trees”
Ir strong an’ firmly knit,
She glides alang wae silent tread
Upon the “muntain fit.”

She “lies” at nicht, bit niver sleeps,
Within the “ocean’s bed”
Ur some great “river” like the “Maine,”
Whar “lichtenin’ sheets” ir spread.

I’m sure, dear frens, ye’ll say wae me,
Although that I hae stray’d,
“Dame Nature” is a fearfoo lass,
An’ wonderfully made.

Woo, an’ wun, an’ love hir weel,
Bit dinnie fur yer life
Git tied tae hir in wedlock ban’s
She wud nae mak’ a wife.

Adam Lynn, Cullybackey, 1st May 1911

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