Students of nature
Come without failure,
And see for yourselves the facts which are seals;
The located valley
Round old Cullybackey
Is an unveiled seclusion among the hills.

The meaning of words,
Like the crossing of fords,
Is a bugbear and caution to all without will;
Yet secrets are patent
To modern and ancient,
Since “Cullybackey” means “the haven behind the hill.”

The tired bird retires,
And the restless soul requires
At last a shelter, homely, safe and still;
So pilgrims find a nook,
With comfort from the Book,
In Cullybackey, the haven behind the hill.

All hail to thee, old friend!
Thy mercies now extend rank;
‘Mong mosses far and wide, both rich and
Thy bed provides new fare
Of lint and corn full share,
Dear Cul-na-badch! “at the back of the peat bank.”

J. Townsley, Cullybackey, 5th June 1920

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